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There’s no place like home…Unless you don’t have one.

Affordable housing is important for individuals and families to contribute to our society. It is not just about the ‘physical buildings’, rather affordable housing promotes overall well-being, economic strength, and helps with building strong communities.

New development is needed in order to keep up with population demand. Housing variety is necessary to ensure everyone has a safe place to call home. Housing types can include anything from semi-detached homes to detached homes, to apartments or row houses and more.

Source: Stantec Growth Strategy

According to the 2021 Census data, 23.7 percent of households reported being below one or more of the 3 thresholds for acceptable housing. Over half of these households were renters, with 39.3 percent of all renters reporting being under at least one threshold.

Table 25 shows the number of PEI households below the acceptable housing thresholds by tenure.