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Everyone in our community deserves a safe and affordable place to call home.

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Make your own choices. What does the future of Stratford look like?


There's no place like home...

Affordable housing is important for individuals and families to contribute to our society. It is not just about the ‘physical buildings’, rather affordable housing promotes overall well-being, economic strength, and helps with building strong communities.

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The course will cover what planning is, why we plan, how planning works and how plans are applied. This course will be released as short interactive lessons throughout 2023. Planning in the Town of Stratford is a core focus of this work, but the information can be broadly applied to other communities in PEI and beyond.

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Stratford needs more housing, plain and simple. People shouldn't be forced to move out of their community where they live, work and play.

— Stratford resident

Stratford needs more diverse housing options. These should include apartments/townhomes for families as well as smaller units for singles and seniors.

— Stratford resident

I would like to downsize in a few years and would like to stay in town. I worry I can't find a smaller place in my price range and may have to stay where I am even though our place will be too big for our needs and might be more suitable for someone else.

— Stratford resident

I've grown up in Stratford and I love it here, but there is nothing available within a reasonable price range.

— Stratford resident