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Stratford needs more housing, plain and simple. People shouldn't be forced to move out of their community where they live, work and play.

— Stratford resident

Stratford needs more diverse housing options. These should include apartments/townhomes for families as well as smaller units for singles and seniors.

— Stratford resident

I would like to downsize in a few years and would like to stay in town. I worry I can't find a smaller place in my price range and may have to stay where I am even though our place will be too big for our needs and might be more suitable for someone else.

— Stratford resident

I've grown up in Stratford and I love it here, but there is nothing available within a reasonable price range.

— Stratford resident

Three students standing closely together, smiling.

The Town of Stratford in Prince Edward Island, Canada, has received $1.1M, funded by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to take part in the Housing Supply Challenge (HSC). The goal of this project is to find innovative solutions to barriers around new housing supply.

Did you know, the Town of Stratford is anticipating needing 4,000 more housing units by 2041 in order to keep up with population demand? The reality is, change is needed to ensure everyone in the community has a safe place to call home.

More housing density in a community has many benefits including…

  • Seniors can stay in their own community near friends and family
  • More job opportunities within the Town
  • More affordability
  • Young people can remain in the community
  • Positive environmental impacts including less roads and sewer and water infrastructure, the opportunity for shared green spaces, and economies that come with building closer together.
  • More transportation options including additional transit, active transportation and other networks that rely less in the need for everyone to have a car.

What has been completed since the project began?

  • Actively engaging with members of the wider community including residents
  • Established 3 advisory groups: a Working Group to oversee the overall project, an Affordable Housing Task Force to delve into the policies and procedures, and in Inter-municipal Committee for wider sharing and learning across a number of participating Island municipalities
  • Hosting an open house and a number of online surveys
  • Encouraging conversation on the Shape Stratford website
  • Reviewing and developing material, checklists and other content to assist the Town’s planning department and those looking to develop in our community
  • Publishing ongoing series of course materials to allow for the general public, planning board and council members to learn more about the planning process in an open, engaging and easily accessible format at their own pace.
  • So much more!
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Who's listening

Wendy Watts
Community Engagement
Town of Stratford


Stage 1 Application Submitted August 25, 2021

Stage 2 Application Submitted June 15, 2022

CMHC Funding Announcement September 2, 2022

Project Working Group Established January 2, 2022

Affordable Housing Taskforce & Intermunicipal Committee groups established March 3, 2023

Shape Stratford Residents Survey Released December 2, 2022

Shape Stratford Website Launch March 9, 2023

Shape Stratford Community Conversation Event March 9, 2023

Growth Management Strategy & Development Charges Study March 23, 2023

Community Event (Stantec)

Growth Management Survey April 2, 2023

Growth Management Visioning Workshop May 4, 2023

Virtual Growth Management Visioning Workshop June 1, 2023

Project Completion March 1, 2024