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Shape Your Community

Notes: Undeveloped Land: 100% Total buildings: 0
Total units: 0
Total development cost:
Cost per unit:
Disclaimer on Costs These are estimates numbers, and they can increase rapidly. There are other costs not listed here such as financing costs which can be significant.
Development Cost:
  1. Land purchase: Land Purchase Costs can vary based on location, but the value provided is typical of a vacant lot of approximately 11 acres within the Town
  2. Design cost: Design costs are estimated at $10K for a single dwelling, $20K for a semi detached, $50K for a 4-unit, $100K for a 12-unit apartment and $140K for an 18-unit apartment
  3. Infrastructure cost:
    • Road/sewer main cost: Road/sewer cost is based on an estimate of $4,000/m, and includes preparation, sewer, water lines, fire hydrants and other underground and ground level infrastructure
    • Individual sewer hookup cost: Sewer hookup for each building is based on $1,500/unit, up to a maximum of $15,000
    • Electrical hookup cost: Electrical hookup is based on $2,500/building
    • Total:
  4. Town development fees:
    • Water and sewer hookup: Water and sewer fees are based on $1500/unit for single dwelling, $1300/unit for duplex/townhouse, and $1050/unit for apt
    • Building permits: Building permits are charged at $0.25 per square foot
    • Total:
  5. Construction cost: Construction costs can vary depending on the complexity of the build, but are estimated at $275 / square foot for non-apartments, and $240 per square foot for apartments.
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